Kalopsia became a Social Enterprise in 2016, after years of striving for social change and improving environmental impact.

At present there are no official, quantifiable standards for what constitutes ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ within textiles and apparel manufacturing. The Kalopsia team however, decided that they wanted to officially adhere to a higher standard of working, that could be measured and certified by an external body and the choice was made to become a Social Enterprise.

As a Social Enterprise Kalopsia's primary purpose is our social and environmental mission. Maximising the amount of social good they create while balancing this against our financial goals. Through reinvesting the money they make in the business and the Textiles community as a whole, Kalopsia is able to ensure increased responsible growth in the sector.

So when a Social Enterprise profits society profits.
By sharing new and existing knowledge, in an accessible and transparent way, it is their hope that their platform can become a source of inspiration for any individual, company or organisation working in the field.

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Kalopsia Collective, is also a proud fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs!

School for Social Entrepreneurs