Our Roots

Kalopsia’s team has a varied background in design and creative industries ranging from design briefs for Nike, designing for a major British manufacturer in the 70s and 80s, runner of Fashion brands, designing costumes for film and television, exhibiting in Cuba and at the MOMA. Academically Kalopsia’s team have degrees ranging from Textiles design, Fashion and Tailoring, Costume design, Illustration and all the way to Contemporary Art theory. It is this that informs our creative decision making.


Today Kalopsia Collective is run by a team of skilled machinists and pattern cutters, who were all brought together because of their passion and drive for fair working conditions, sustainable manufacturing methods and quality products. Kalopsia and everything it produces is the result of teamwork and collaboration. Kalopsia involves all members of the team in decision making, insuring that everyone is pushing for the same goals.

Kalopsia keeps the ‘Collective’ in it’s name as a reminder that although they are no longer a Collective, it is this approach to working that has enabled them to get to where they are today.

Kalopsia manufacturing space.jpg