Socially responsible business that uses design as a tool to make a different future.


Kalopsia’s unique manufacturing method lets us focus on what we care about the most: taking the time to design and develop the best product possible, crafted in-house in Scotland.

Kalopsia’s approach to manufacturing is about creating a mindful and holistic environment, in which everyone involved can contribute to innovations and improvements to working practices.

Kalopsia see’s design and creativity as a tool for social and environmental change and have expanded their design thinking from just the products and design work to applying this to everything we do. From the company structure, to the products we develop and even down to the back-end of the web platform, everything has been thoughtfully designed and is constantly developed.

Kalopsia always aim to use the most efficient, eco-friendly and pro-social techniques and practices within the production to give our clients a product that will stand the test of time.

Blue velvet assemble make up bag and freja top (1).png


Sustainable fashion and textiles production is partly about manufacturing in an environmentally and social-economically sustainable manner, and also to consume in a more sustainable manner, which includes both behavioural patterns and attitudes.

Kalopsia’s main aims are;

  • To reduce surplus (‘waste’) before it’s created and ensure all materials produced are used to their fullest

  • Allow fair access to ethical and sustainable manufacturing services

  • To design and produce for longevity, durability and long lasting style

  • Support the re-growth of textiles industry in Britain

  • To educate and up-skill designers, brands and end customers on ethical and sustainable textiles