OPEN CALL: Textiles Design

Are you a knitter, weaver or printer in your last year of uni and would like to show your fabric in context? Then submit your designs for the chance to win an Assemble sample collection made in Your fabric!

We have the pleasure to award Textiles designers, in their last year of uni, a free Assemble “sample collection”. This will give You the opportunity, whether you are a knitter, printer, weaver or embroiderer to test your fabric and showcase your design in “context”. A great way to show your constructed fabric for a degree show, build your social media presents and start your portfolio.

Estimated fabric needed 1,5 meters

Visit kalopsiacollective.com or contact us on info@kalopsiacollective.com if you have any questions.

The Collection

The collection will be made in the most appropriate products for your designs. All products and any surplus materials will be sent back to you in March.
The estimated fabric require of 1,5 meters can be made in 3 sections and does not need to be made in one continues length .

If you are a printer - please “fix” your print design as we will steam the fabric.
If you are a knitter, weaver or embroiderer - please make sure the bottom surface is appropriate for interfacing.

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