If you have fabric and would like start or add to your product range Kalopsia is the company for you. We offer a range of designed and tested accessory and apparel products - ‘The Assemble collection’ that can be ordered easier through our site. There are no minimum orders, the pricing is clear and we can give you fabric requirements upfront.

‘Assemble’ -The UK’s only standardised product manufacturing service for printed, woven and knitted fabrics. 


The images from Kalopsia’s second Assemble shoot in the Swedish capital are now live!
Featuring a arrange of international designer’s prints, knits and weavers manufactured into Assemble accessories and apparel.

Check out the photos here and see how you can use Assemble to add to your range




Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and our Assemble manufacturing model has been designed to not only make ordering textiles accessories and apparel easier and effective but also to reduce waste and minimise the impact your collection will have on the environment. Our main goals are;


As a social enterprise we are ran for the benefit of our staff and the clients we support, so you can guarantee your products are made by someone paid a living wage, working in a safe environment.