Octavo Fika Narrative at Book Week Scotland
Octavo Fika Narrative at Book Week Scotland




Noun Narrative can be a story or account of events, experiences – true or fictional. A narrative can be a book, literary and work that can contain a story. A creation of narrative by art, technique or a process.
Adjective Consisting of or being a narrative: a narrative poem. Pertaining to narration: narrative skill.

The exhibition will take place between November 25th and December 2nd 2013 as part of ‘Book Week Scotland’ 2013 at Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh
98 Ocean Dr

Kalopsia presents ‘Octavo Fika’ - an event featuring work by over 50 International and local book creators who have explored the idea of the Book and its Narrative, expressed through a wide range of illustrative media; drawing, wood work, book binding, poetry, textiles and much more.

‘Octavo Fika’ focuses on work that creates a sequence of words, texts and images that leads from one to another as a literal or an implied narration that emerges through the relationship of the previous to the following. This week-long event will hold book signings, workshops and talks presented in a relaxed exhibition environment together with a cup of tea (or coffee!).

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