From left over stock commercial products




Bute textile mill has been sitting on surplus stock of small swatches and longer pieces of cloth.


Kalopsia were approached to see if we could turn those materials into commercial products to be sold in their mill shop and online store.


With small pieces starting from 14cm square to larger pieces up to 2 meters, we calculated how many units could be made. Thus helping BUTE utilise all their old fabrics. All cloth came in different weights, colours and textures and were all ideal for the Assemble service and the different range of accessory products.


BUTE recognised that they could turn their surplus, sample and off-cut stock into retail products. Avoiding landfill and damage to our planet BUTE worked with Kalopsia to turn waste and bi-product into a commercial opportunity. To view their online store:

To view the Assemble collection;

To view their Mill site:
BUTE Fabrics

To view their online store: 
Atelier BUTE

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