Here you can find answers to questions to do with Kalopsia's Assemble Apparel and Accessories range. Can't find the answer you are looking for? Check our the General FAQ, Postage and Turnaround FAQ.

Assemble general

How do I place an order? 
To place an order all you need to do is download a line sheet which you can find here and submit it to Line sheets should be filled out with products, quantities and finishing details. A member of the team will then get back to you with a quote and any questions we might have about your order. 

I am running a small company and like to start off with smaller runs. What is the minimum order I can do?
There is no minimum order and we can manufacture up to 500 units per product. This means that Assemble works for most companies as you can start off with a smaller batch to test a new range/design/print and then order when the stock runs out. 

How much fabric will I need for me products? 
Fabric requirements will vary from product to product and from fabric to fabric - This all can depend on the width of the fabric, direction of print and repeats as well as number of product variations. Fabric requirements can be downloaded from the price list page.

What happens to off-cuts and any fabric leftovers? 
Any surplus and leftover fabrics will be sent back to the client. Only surplus smaller than 1cm will be disposed off unless otherwise agreed. Bigger pieces of fabrics and/or materials that can not be returened to the client will be donated to local Schools and community projects. 

Can I change the size of an Assemble product?
Yes, some Assemble products can be made in to a custom size. We do however ask that any alterations to Assemble product containing a zip will be made inline with the standard zip sizes such as 10cm, 18cm, 20cm, 36cm.
Please not that all styles of zips will be available in many other sizes, but please ask a member of the team for more information on what is available in stock as it can be up to 6 weeks delivering time on custom made zips from ykk.

What finishing do you offer? 
You can find information about the finishes we have available here. 
You can of course supply your own lining, zips and other finishings but please let us know before.


Where can I find a price list?
All prints for Assemble products can be found on our website here;
prices stated are the base unit price and discounts can be give on orders over 25 units total (Discounts will be added automatically to your order) .

If you would prefer a price list, you can download one for both collections here along with a list of fabric requirements and line sheets.

If you are unsure about pricing, looking for quotes for a larger order (over 100 units) or if you are looking for custom changes, email us ( and a member or our team will get back to you. 

Does your pricing include VAT?
We are not currently VAT registered so there is no additional VAT to pay on the pricing.

What is included in the unit price? 
Assemble prices includes zips, interfacing and general manufacturing. The price is also broken down and shown in the price list of the addition of lining and straps etc. However, no additional discount will be given if zips or linings are supplied by the client. 

Do you offer a bulk discount? 
Yes we do. Information on discounts can be found in the back of all Assemble price lists or you can email the team today to get a quote of an order. Discounts are worked based on the unit total of the order and not of each product. 



Should I order a sample?
Yes, always! Every time you order a new product or the same product but in a different fabric weight or with a different finishing, please make sure that you order a sample first. Samples are really important as they show both you and us that we can make a product to a standard we are both happy with. If you do not order a sample we can not take responsibility for products that are not meeting your expectation and can not except any returns.  

How much is a sample? 
Assemble samples are charged at the base unit cost and there will be know additional charges for this (unless they are 'custom' made changes. Please contact us about this). Please note that an order of just one unit will always be considered a sample even if it is only one you are looking for (this will always fall under our guidelines for sampling). 

What if I didn't produce a sample and am not happy with my final product(s)?
We always strive to produce every product to the highest possible standard. We hope to always deliver you a product that you are happy with. Part of the process to achieving this is to produce a sample first. If you choose not to do this we can unfortunately not take responsibility for the end product.  



Do you offer plus sizes? 
Yes, we can produce plus sizes in any of the Assemble Apparel garments. We don't however carry plus sized patterns as standard, so if this is something you are looking for please contact a member of the team to discuss