Kalopsia Collective



Kalopsia’s team has a varied background in design and creative industries ranging from design briefs for Nike, designer for major British manufacturer in the 70s and 80s, runner of Fashion brands, retailer, costume designer for film and television, exhibitors at Cuba and MOMA and with degrees ranging from Textiles design, Costume design, Illustration, Contemporary Art, Fashion and tailoring that that inform our creative decision making.

Kalopsia has been industry partners in sustainability projects, run feasibility pilots for a Government environmental agency, designed costumes for international performance groups, major TV major and Films, constructed murals for community and public spaces and manufacturer products for large international clients. Having also undergone business training from E-Spark, SSE, Starter for 6 and mentored by Leith Rotary, Kalopsia has been able to established itself as not only a forward thinking creative business but also as a Social Enterprise, capable of competing agains more traditional businesses. 

It is our hope that our platform can become a source of inspiration for any individual, company or organisation working in the field. Read more about WHY we are are a Social Enterprise here.