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Octavo Fika - A creative book exhibition

Kalopsia will be holding “Octavo Fika" as part of Book Week Scotland and we are now looking for artist, designers, photographers, writers, poets and anyone else creative to submit books and zines to be part of the exhibition in November 2018.

Octavo Fika is a collection of books from 2012 by over 100 international and local book creators who explores the idea of the “Book” and its “Narrative” expressed through a wide range of illustrative media.

Octavo Fika has been shown in places and events such as Turn the Page International Books Festival in Norwich, Book Week Scotland, Platform Arts Belfast, The Storytelling Centre Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art and the Edinburgh Art Festival, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh and CCA: The Centre For Contemporary Arts Glasgow.

Apply today for the opportunity to have your “book” as part of Octavo Fika and Book Week Scotland 2018.
£10 per successful submission.

Exhibition between Monday 19 – Sunday 25 November 2018.
Go to scottishbooktrust.com to read more about Book Week Scotland.

  • Deadline: Monday 22nd of October

  • Submission confirmed: Friday 26th of October

  • Book arrive no later than October 17th

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