Kalopsia Collective

Octavo Fika

Image from ECA, work by various artists

Image from ECA, work by various artists

Octavo Fika was a collection of books created by international artists and designers. The event featured work by over 100 International and local book creators who explored the idea of the Book and its Narrative, expressed through a wide range of illustrative media including drawing, woodwork, book binding, poetry, textiles and much more.

‘Octavo Fika’ focused on work that created a sequence of words, texts and images that lead from one to another as a literal or an implied narration that emerged through the relationship of the previous to the following. In addition there were book signings, workshops, talks, live music and dramatic performances.

It was set up to bring a range of different creative fields in to one space. Books were utilised as an alternative medium for the public to look at whilst having a beverage. This way of displaying ideas, work and creative outcomes way also easily transported to different venues. This meant that more people could see the collection.

Octavo Fika was shown at places and events such as Turn the Page International Books Festival in Norwich, Book Week Scotland at Ocean Terminal, Leith, Platform Arts Belfast, The Storytelling Centre Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art and the Edinburgh Art Festival, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, The Colour Room Stockbridge (Edinburgh) and CCA: The Centre For Contemporary Arts Glasgow.