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Assemble works as building blocks for Mills, independent designers and retialers . We have curated the collection to highlight craftsmanship and sustainability whilst considering functional, classic designs with contemporary, clean aesthetics. This allows each fabric to put its stamp on the product.

The Assemble Apparel and Accessory collection contains classic base items that can be ordered in (almost) any fabric. This collection offers additional options such as sizes and finishings.

How it works

 *Please note, it is company policy to suggest that a sample should be produced before any production run. You can order samples simply by placing an order for a single unit online. Samples are charged at the standard base unit price


You can check out the Assemble collections here and here, pick the products, finishing and label placement before placing your order through the site.

Discounts and postage is worked out automatically for you and there is nothing to pay up front!

Once your order is placed a member of the team will be in contact to discuss fabric requirements and any other details.

Once your order is agreed, all you need to do is complete payment and send us your fabric us at;

Kalopsia Collective
26 Stewartfield


Once we have received your fabric and payment we can get started.  

Your products will be finished to the agreed deadline as stipulated within the Terms and Conditions.

Delivery will be as specified in first contact from the Kalopsia team. We ship to most countries in the World. Please ‘Contact Us’ if you have any queries about this. 

Any surplus fabrics and materials will be sent back to the client after the order is complete.

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'We always aim to use the most efficient, environmentally-friendly and socially sustainable practices within our production and design development. This is to ensure that we provide our clients with a product that is of an exemplary standard" (Kalopsia, 2017)

Assemble is a Batch manufacturing production service that provides designed, pre-tested and ready to order textiles and fashion products in Your fabric
Simply provide us with Your fabric and we will cut and finish your Assemble item(s) at our micro-manufacturing production space in Leith, Scotland.
There is no minimum order and we can manufacture up to 500 units per product.


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Want to do custom changes and add details to your Assemble apparel item? Not a problem, send us an email and let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the details an any additional cost