Kalopsia Collective



EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE FESTIVAL Re-make | Re-do | Re-wear is a project that gives clothing and textiles a new life through embellishment, re-design and re-construction. This project will consist of a mini production line formed of designers and makers from Kalopsia. The public will be asked to bring an object (a garment, bag, textile item etc) that they feel has lost its value/purpose. They will be asked to hand over the item to the 'service' and will in return be given a receipt while the item is being 'processed'. They will then come back to a transformed item; the Kalopsia team will be re-making the item, removing all labels and develop a new design and purpose for it. This is to breath a new life and a new value to peoples unwanted textiles. This project is to promote ideas about circular economy and closed loop textiles design. Summerhall, Edinburgh 2015.

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