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April 24th, 2015

An Octavo Fika presentation from Kalopsia collective

This is a one-off ‘performance-exhibition,’ combining dance, spoken-word, illustration and video installation, costume and textiles and the written word. All elements take, as a starting-point, stories from the artbook, Charlotte & The Charlatan. Each artist is invited to interpret the text freely. The culmination will be a presentation of these collaborations in an engaging, entertaining performance-event, under the banner of Kalopsia’s Octavo Fika project.

Contributors and Performers by:
- curated by Kalopsia
- texts and book by J. A. Sutherland
- illustration, Lizzie Quirke
- spoken word, Paulos Monsterglue, Iona Lee, Tasha Porritt
- dance artist Janine Melanie Wyse
- video installation, Cristina Spiteri
- design/editing, Nicole Strachan Lili King
- costumes, textiles, Kalopsia, & Rachel Lobban
- music, Small Feet Little Toes (https://soundcloud.com/smallfeet-littletoes)
- wine
- audience participation, yes!

Suitable only for adults.
The entry charge will include a glass of wine or alternative. Hand-made copies of the book will be available to buy.

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